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Definition of Irony

Describing what irony is can be stressing and time-consuming. This is so in spite that many people find themselves using the word. Among the people that know the existence of the word not all of them use the word appropriately. Irony in a real sense is a tool in English that is used to imply the opposite of the expectation. This implies that your expectation fails terribly. Concurrence situations do not mean irony. Due to this people are not able to differentiate when things happen naturally. A situation when two opposite things happen people may term it as irony.

There are many reasons as to why irony is used. In instances where irony is used people realize to have been expecting the opposite at the end of the event. You can read more about irony on various sites. To understand more about irony you can listen to you tubes videos, read articles and blog. This will help you to have the broad meaning of the word irony so that you can be using it correctly. On this website, we will discuss more the common three types of irony.

To begin with we can talk about the verbal irony. The Verbal irony is common to many people. This is because it means the words of mouth that mean contrary to the real situation. The words used to confuse the listeners since they cannot prove the reality of the word. The Verbal irony is a form of comedy that can make people break their ribs in laughter and generally the functions of verbal irony. to expound more on verbal irony is when you are feeling hurt of s situation and you talk positively about it.

There is another type of irony called situational theory. The situational irony bring in an experience that could not be imagined at the beginning. These type of irony brings in a feeling to the character. In situational irony you can either cry or laugh because what has happened. In situation irony, you feel for other people’s situation when you are not aware that the same situation will affect you later.

Dramatic irony. This type of irony is used in drama works. With the dramatic irony you get encouraged to follow the movie so that you can know what will happen at the end last. The final outcome can be awful or full of happiness. The thoughts of the author are the opposite of what is to happen. One of the parties involved in dramatic irony makes the situation intentionally.

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